Customers Cyto Forte

  • Maria
    Since 4 years ago I suffer the chronic form of cystitis. During the latest escalation of the sister said that the drug Cyto Forte – the next day after taking the pain and the pains have stopped!
  • Caterina
    After hypothermia was first faced with cystitis, the peak of pain he fell on the night of Friday, the polyclinic was closed. On the internet I found the clients of capsules cyto forte, to., and Saturday as the evening forgotten the pain. I recommend!
  • Carmela
    Cyto Forte – wonderful vegetal analog of antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis without any side effects! Already almost a year, I don't remember about the worsening of cystitis!
  • Giuseppina
    A few years ago suffered from chronic cystitis, until a new young therapist not encourage or condone capsules Cyto Forte. Cut the course, the result already in the evening of the first day of receipt of the exacerbations, I don't remember six months. I advise!
  • Angela
    The week was suffering from pain and burning in case of relapse of cystitis, antibiotics are not helping. The pharmacist at the pharmacy told me medication cyto forte plant-based, ventured to try and not personal. The same day I forgot the pain!
Customers Cyto Forte