Instructions for use Cyto Forte

Instructions for use of the capsules Cyto Forte in italy

Capsules Cyto Fortehow to : using?

With frequent recurrences of cystitis

After therapy with antibiotics

The prevention of cystitis

2 capsules per day

2 capsules per day

1 capsule per day

Instructions for use Cyto Forte

This medication against cystitis does not cause bacterial resistance, so it is advisable to take long-term minimum of 1 month. If necessary, the course may be repeated during the year.

Indications Cyto Forte

The medication Cyto Forte destroys the cage of excitement, exerting the bactericidal effect, also has a pain reliever and regenerative action. Complex of active substances of plant substances helps reinforce the antimicrobial protection and prevents relapses of the disease.

The indications of the application are:

  1. With frequent recurrences acute episodes in the cystitis.
  2. The period after the therapy with antibiotics when the cystitis.
  3. Risk factors for the development of the recurrence of cystitis (seasonal cold epidemic, the hypothermia, the change of the climate zone, the stress, the bad conditions of hygiene).

Contraindication to Cyto Forte

Intolerance of individual components of the preparation of the ingredients.